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Content Marketing for 2013

Written by our head of content @JulietStott, who knows a thing or two about content marketing. Juliet started her career as a journalist at The Guardian, followed by stints in PR agencies, HBOS and now leading our content team here at White Horse Digital.

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Create a mission statement
Go back to the beginning and remember what your brand stands for. Map out a content strategy that supports your key messages. Keep them simple.

Build a great team
You need a human face behind your brand. The best content creators are great because they have a distinct voice that is unique to your brand.

Tell your story
The best content creators see the brand story and what it represents as the cornerstone of their communication strategy.

Become an expert
Your brand is what everyone thinks it is. So become the thought leader in your field. Be daring. Make your audience and peers react.

Collaborate, co-create & curate
The future is competitive collaboration. Partnerships can make content even greater.

Be social by design
“Great content is only good when it is remembered and shared.”


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